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Hi, I am Haulwen Nicholas aka The UK Mojo Coach and Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine.

I help empath's and sensitive souls to discover and embrace their own unique self and give them the tools to thrive in a world that doesn't understand them.

Using my own experience and my training in Myers Briggs and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy & Creating Your Future Technique® I help people to rediscover themselves, help them to identify their energy drains & gains and support them in developing an action plan for the future.


I also offer training to individuals and organisations on how to develop themselves and their businesses to cater for all types of people.


Read my blog to know a bit more about me. 


Or contact me now to arrange a call to see how I can help you. 

One to one coaching

We're living in an exhaustion epidemic where people feel over-tired, over-worked and overwhelmed.


Is this how you feel? 


Do you have a million thoughts racing through your mind?


I should have achieved more by now? I'm a failure? I've let everyone down?


I want to do something different but I'm not sure which route to choose? 


I've lost my Mojo, my passion and I don't know how to reignite it?


I feel like I should do something different with my life, but I don't know where to start?


If this is you, then why not check out my one to one coaching offer at the link below.


And if that's not what you are looking for - book a free 30-minute pre-coaching call with me and I can develop a bespoke coaching package which will help you overcome all of these things, so you can regain your power, your mojo and love yourself and your life again.


How would that look to you? Perhaps its as simple as being excited to get out of bed or sorting through your ideas and finding a true direction.


Click on the links to find out more.



 The Mojo Academy is a paid online membership providing self-discovery, self-development and self-care so that you can learn to re-connect with your inner wise woman so you can create your own future.


  I'll guide fellow empath's and sensitive soul's in techniques to allow them to thrive in our overwhelming world and give them a tribe of like mind people to connect with.


I'll be teaching you self-discovery techniques, ways to protect yourself, personal development tools to help with confidence, creating calm, and how to really embrace your gift of sensitivity to use as your superpower in your everyday life. 


Step off the merry-go-round and take control.


Join now for a fixed monthly fee


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"Rediscover your comfort zone, this is where you recharge so visit it and nuture it like a good friend"

The Magical Mojo Coach


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