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The Art of Stopping Time - Practical Mindfulness for Busy People by Pedram Shojai


It's a book about 100 days of mindfulness following the 100-day Gong ritual. It says that by allocating a set amount of time each day, a "Gong", to everyday tasks - you will not only find your mind calmer and clearer, but also that you have the space to accomplish what you want in life. 

The Empaths Survival Guide by Judith Orloff

Life strategies for sensitive people - if you are a sensitive soul or an empath, I highly recommend this book. It really helps you to understand what being an empath is and strategies for coping in our over-stimulating world. I've read this a couple of time and will continue to throughout my life.

The Secret by Rhonda Burns

If you're interested in positive thinking, laws of attraction (LOA) etc. then this is the book for you. I've read this a couple of times and have it on audio and in hardback (which I have to keep buying as when I lend this book out to people I never get it back!).

It can really help you change your mindset and language to think about the positives in life to create your own LOA.

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