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Rosie Evans

Shropshire, UK

My sessions with Haulwen offered me some incredible insights into my own personality and working style. It was great to have the space to discuss and reflect on a variety of aspects with her in a professional but relaxed environment. Our sessions have helped me to approach my work as well as personal life with renewed clarity, positivity and direction; I would certainly recommend her services."

J. R Stark

Neath, Port Talbot, Wales

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It allows for different learning styles and abilities. Being sent information specific to my individual Myers Briggs type was very useful and enabled me to have a better understanding of myself. Discovering that I am an ESFP type has enabled me to learn more about myself, and also how to understand my impact on others in my daily life. I found the descriptions of each type very clear and informative, this has lead to me having a thirst for more information about psychology and also mental health. I especially enjoyed the information about NLP. I have learned that, by listening to the specific words used by an individual, I can tailor my words and attempt a verbal rapport. 


NW London, UK

“I found the course very enlightening. Some of the results felt like a validation of thoughts and feelings I’ve experienced and so were a bit of a confidence booster.”

Jean Wray

Cardiff, UK

Really enjoyed this interesting course. I didn’t know much about Myers Briggs and found it fascinating. When I received my personalised report, wow, it was spot on, it really made me think. Thank you Haulwen. 

Ele Nash

Bath, UK

"I found the things I learned about myself on the course invaluable - I wish I'd known them years ago! Haulwen pieces it together professionally and kindly and I feel like I have a greater sense of my strengths and weaknesses and how I can be more balanced in both. Thank you!" 

Lisa Sorrell

Leeds, UK

“What I loved most about this course is discovering what my Myers-Briggs type was and how to use it to my advantage. I also found the module on learning what drains my energy and how to ‘recharge’ very useful, especially when I’m tackling long days at work. Thanks to Haulwen and her wonderful course for teaching me how to cope better with the hard days.”

Amanda Pritchard

Chester, UK

The one to one session was fascinating. It was great to look at and discuss face to face examples of type, how types interact and consideration I could give to my approach to situations to get the best from myself and others along with gaining a broader understanding of my needs, how I tick and my core motivators/challenges.

The follow-up report has enabled me to reinforce the findings and encouraged me to pause and reflect more before responding/taking decisions. I feel I understand myself better, which gives an increase in self-confidence.

I am currently seeking employment and the findings have helped me direct my search into areas that suit me, my personality and working style.

Thanks so much for working with me on this....fascinating and valuable insight which is already beneficial to my day to day life.

Elena Baixauli

Valencia, Spain

This course allows you to know yourself better, facilitating the way we act/interact with people.​

Jason Baker

Mid Wales, UK

I embarked on the Mind Spirit Gym course provides to us by Haulwen Nicholas. As usual and me being me I approached the course with scepticism. After a few posts and not really doing anything with it I decided to apply myself. What can I say? It really gets you thinking about yourself and where you lay your priorities. I was able to learn things about myself that I guess I already knew but were locked away because my focus was on nothing but work. I have a family, I have hobbies, I don't spend enough time outdoors or at the beach. It was a real eye-opener and has taught me to focus on the important things as well as doing my day job. I feel happier and more motivated from the course. I was pleasantly surprised how much the tasks and coursework revealed about myself. The course was well presented in a timely manageable manner. It was clear to understand and very well structured. I would recommend you give one of Haulwen's courses a try. You will learn something about yourself. 

Becky Hamilton

Bath, UK

The sessions that I followed in the course, were informative and very helpful. I also liked reading about how other people were developing and discovering. I guess I learnt that it is important to make time to get to know your self/type but that it's not easy to find that time in a busy day with work/kids/writing on the agenda. Overall I feel I didn't do your amazingly thorough course justice with my scant attention. But I would like to and will one day as I love this kind of thing.

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