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Time Line Therapy®

What is Time Line Therapy®?


Time Line Therapy® (TLT) is a therapeutic process that has evolved from hypnosis and NLP, developed by Tad James, Ph.D.TLT provides processes and techniques for personal change and growth by facilitating the elimination of the painful emotions attached to memories or events in the past. TLT also focuses on what we can learn from those events and use what we learn as a resource for the future. Time Line Therapy® techniques and practical processes were created in the 1980s. It was developed by applying a therapeutic process to the concept that we store our memories in a linear manner in an internal memory storage system. long-lasting transformation much quicker than what is currently called “brief therapy”, with a minimum of discomfort to the client. 

Some examples of painful emotions 
are: anger, rage, sadness, hurt, regret, fear, guilt, remorse. TLT also enables you to clear limiting beliefs that can leave you stuck in the past and stops you from creating what you want in your life. Both unwanted negative emotions and limiting beliefs influence every area of our lives. 

How can Time Therapy® help you? 

One of the advantages of TLT is that it enables the client to release and clear chains of an emotion rather than one at a time as most other emotional release techniques do. For example, if the client has anger issues, TLT facilitates the releasing and clearing of all anger from the past and not just the anger attached to a particular event.
It is only the negative emotions attached to the memories that are cleared in TLT. Memories are our history and it is not ecological or appropriate to remove them.  

TLT enables individuals to resolve negative emotional issues from the past and clear limiting beliefs and decisions that may have prevented them from moving forward as well as achieving their goals for the future. Some examples of limiting beliefs are: “I don’t deserve it”, “I am just not good enough”. The vast majority of clients with emotional issues get the result they want in or around six hours, rather than months and years. Where more complex conditions such as PTSD or trauma or physiological conditions are also involved, it may take a while longer. One of the main advantages of Time Line Therapy® is that instead of talking about the problem week after week the client gets to do something about it. TLT is usually used in conjunction with clinical hypnosis and NLP and together they provide a powerful therapeutic model.

TLT should not be confused with what is called Time line, which is also a technique based on NLP and is very different from TLT.

Why is important to release negative emotions attached to the past? 

Mind-body medicine and PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) studies explain the effects of unresolved negative emotions and how they affect the physical health and can lead to the development of symptoms and illness in the physical body. Also, from the point of how we perceive stress and respond to it is influenced by the unresolved emotional issues and can also influence the intensity of the stressful experience. 

Time Line Therapy® is most effective with anxiety and stress based conditions such as exam nerves, performance anxiety, panic, phobia, trauma and PTSD as well as Depression. 

What training is needed to become a Time Line Therapy® Practitioner?

The training of practitioners requires a high level of awareness of both hypnosis and NLP as the TLT use both. TLT practitioner membership also requires hypnosis and NLP at the practitioner level. The conditions dealt in therapy are quite complex and client safety and comfort is paramount. The TLT practitioner must be confident in the use of the processes involved. 
A practitioner of TLT requires a high level of competency, it is not something a therapist could learn over a weekend or two unless they have a sound knowledge of both hypnosis and NLP.


As an example, TLT processes use NLP reframing extensively. Time Line Therapy® is the registered trademark of Tad James and exclusively licenced to the Time Line Therapy® Association. 





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